Magnetic Group Signaling (MGS®) Technology

Magnetic Group Signaling (MGS®) standardizes NMR systems and sample processing to ensure reproducible results on different NMR instruments.

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AXINON® System. |Precision Diagnostics.

AXINON® is the first modular software-based system for clinical diagnostics - providing hardware, operating system, Magnetic Group Signaling (MGS®) processor and individual test applications, collectively enabling:
  •         Innovative real-time use of metabolic data
  •         Precise results for specific medical questions and diagnostic decisions
  •         Standardized analysis
  •         Multi-testing flexibility
  •         High throughput capability
  •                 Fully automated lab solution
  •                 High reproducibility (inter-laboratory precision)
  •                 Connectivity to lab systems (LIS/LIMS)
  •                 Easy-to-use


The NMR based AXINON® System offers high throughput multi-testing capability


AXINON® enables a more detailed, standardized and automated lipoprotein and metabolite profiling


Identification of more than 400 metabolites within one run enables the discovery of meaningful metabolite constellations/profiles

Numares licenses AXINON® Software, Magnetic Group Signaling (MGS®) technology and research methods/applications underlying our diagnostic products* to customers of the healthcare industry. For an individual licensing agreement, please get in contact with us.

Magnetic Group Signaling. |Next Generation of NMR Use.

Magnetic Group Signaling (MGS®) is the core of the AXINON® System. MGS® enables AXINON® to reproducibly elucidate metabolite constellations from an NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy) spectrum and thus allows us a NMR use for diagnostic purpose.

  • Standardized algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Reproducible multivariable signal fitting
  • Quantitative multi-signal interpretation
  • Validated extraction of information from NMR spectra
  • Sophisticated SCORE calculation 

“With MGS®, we evolved NMR to a fully automated system applicable to routine analysis. It enables diagnostics with excellent precision and comparability. MGS®-generated data can be analysed by several other AXINON® tests and reveal new diagnostic information.”

Dr. Daniela Baumstark

Head of Lipoprotein Analysis and Data Processing

Identifying Metabolites with AI-Enabled Technology

Finding metabolite constellations among hundreds of signals is not easy. We use machine learning to analyze study data together with NMR metabolite measurements to identify the markers that carry the most information about the disease in question and to build an equation that represents the metabolite constellation. This equation is then used as a diagnostic test in our products.

Machine learning comprises a number of methods within the field of artificial intelligence. Basically, these are very sophisticated statistical algorithms that use labeled examples of both healthy and sick subjects to identify the signals that separate the two (“learning the difference”). The resulting models from this metabolite constellation can then be used to predict if a patient is healthy or sick.

Our highly skilled statisticians ensure that the machine learning algorithms are used expertly. We complement this with the knowledge of our biochemists to guide the learning process with human knowledge. Combining the strengths of human and machine we ensure best possible results and allow our models to be understood by human experts like physicians.

* For Research Use only in the United States. Numares’ products are not yet available for sale within the United States; they have not yet been approved or cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Video Tutorials

Numares' video tutorials aim at supporting users of the AXINON® System in installation, handling and maintenance of AXINON® Software, NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy) hardware and diagnostic software-based test applications.

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DAILY NMR Maintenance and Qualification - Video Tutorials

Further NMR Maintenance Video Tutorials

* For Research Use only in the United States. Numares’ products are not yet available for sale within the United States; they have not yet been approved or cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

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